Thursday, March 18, 2010

Boiling Down the Sap

I had collected nearly 4 gallons of sap over the past 2 weeks, so I decided to boil down the sap to syrup. For this I broke out a new toy that I bought last month: the Bayou Classic Propane Burner. I bought this for 2 reason, making syrup and making beer.
Compared to last years very slow boil down on the grill, this thin was Awesome! I was able to get from 4 gallons to 1 gallon in about 3 hours and then moved it into the kitchen to boil off the remaining water.
I finished with just under 16 oz which is a good yield. Hopefully we have one more stretch of sap running days before the month is out and I can make a bit more.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Collecting Sap 2010

Today was a beautiful Saturday morning so Miles and I went out and tapped Maple trees to make syrup. Last year we did this for the first time. Now we have a tradition!