Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Local Food Field Trip: Derrick Farm in Oakham

Today, I tried to take the boys blueberry picking at Berries & Bloom, but apparently they are closed both Tuesdays AND Wednesdays this summer. So, I decided to take a 20 minute drive out to Derrick Farms out in Oakham.
It was definitely off the beaten path, but once we wound our way there, we found a very large blueberry farm. We walked back to an area and they sat us chairs in front of bushes packed with berries.
Miles and I picked a lot, but Calvin ate far more than he put in his bucket. At just a little more than $2 a pound, Cal may have consumed 5 dollars worth while we were there!
In less than 30 minutes, picking from 3 different bushes we collected nearly 7 pounds total in all.
...and now we get to eat them.

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  1. I went here too with my husband and 2 young kids and really enjoyed it.