Thursday, April 9, 2009

Garden Project: Cover for Lettuce

Disclaimer: My wife thinks this was a completely crazy, over the top solution to covering the lettuce... and she's probably right.

So, I planted salad greens and peas last week and attempted to cover the lettuce with some old landscaping fabric. I knew this was only a temporary solution (since photosynthesis cannot take place through opaque black fabric), but I hadn't figured out how I would cover the greens.

After researching a bit, I decided to use some scrap wood to build a cross between a hoop-house and a cold-frame.

Hopefully this structure (which cost $3 for the plastic covering) will last long enough for me to use when I plant some of my later crops.

In about 10 days I will put my beets and potatoes into the ground, but like the peas, they are heartier so I won't construct any elaborate structure to cover them.

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