Sunday, April 5, 2009

Seeds in the Soil

Today was a beautiful Sunday. It is also approximately 4 weeks before the last frost making it a perfect day to put lettuce and peas into the ground. First, I put all of the organic nutrients that I picked up for my garden. In addition to the horse manure, I added the following from Russell's Garden Center in Wayland: three 3.8-Cubic feet of Peat Moss, a 38 lb bag of Greensand, and an 8 lb bag or rock phosphate.

After turning the soil over a bit, I planed 3 rows of snap peas (one that will trellis up the fence of the garden and 2 others that will grow up my larger trellis) and three rows of mesclun mix. I watered them in and then covered the lettuce with an old piece of landscaping fabric (I'll take it off next weekend). The next couple of days will be wet and a bit chilly, but I should see some growth in a couple of weeks.

I plan on starting some herbs and the Roma tomatoes in the next few days. I'll put them under the grow light along with the other tomatoes and celeriac.

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