Friday, April 10, 2009

Local Food Field Trip: Bob's Turkey Farm

Today I ventured out a little field trip on my way to the grocery store (it added about 45 minutes to my trip to the store, but well worth it). I went to Bob's Turkey Farm in Lancaster Massachusetts. Last year, when I started to focus on local food, I found a good supply of local ground beef. Unfortunately, from a taste perspective, my family prefers ground turkey for many of our standard recipes that call for ground meat. So today I made a trip to ameliorate this issue.

When you go to Bob's it appears like you are just pulling into someones driveway, but the driveway leads into what would normally be a back yard. As you step out of the car you hear a quiet collection of chirps behind a fence and you see the extremely unremarkable looking building.

Once in the building, you will see a bunch of freezer cases filled with meat, gravy, stuffing, and turkey filled prepared meals (everything from turkey pot pie to turkey parmesan). I was also told that if you call ahead you can get fresh cuts of meat, depending on what they have on hand on a given day. I bought 3 lbs of ground turkey, some turkey cutlets and some fresh turkey thighs (because that is what they had available). I also picked up a price list, a color brochure,

and a cool letter from the Mass Dept of Food and Agriculture explaining why you can't go and see the birds.

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