Monday, July 20, 2009

Garden Updates and Another Local Meal

Above is the largest zucchini growing in the garden as of yesterday (about 6" long at this point). I counted 8 different zucchini growing on 4 plants with several more flowers potentially starting new fruit. That was the good news. I also found one zucchini half eaten by slugs and that particular plant nearly dead from a new swarm of the slimy little buggers. I picked the above zucchini, but the other one growing may not get to full size because I have my doubts the plant will make it through the week.

On the tomato front, every plant has fruit except 2 of my Roma's (which were started 2 weeks after all of the other tomatoes) and those are showing many flowers. The 4th of July's are covered with fruit (the above are some of the smaller ones) and we should be swimming with tomatoes in about 2 weeks (which will be the 4th of August, but whose counting).

In other tomato happenings, this ear I have also attempted to grow hanging tomatoes in 2-liter bottles and gallon milk jugs. My father-in-law was convinced that they were not going to work, which was a little disheartening since he is quite a tomato growing guru. I am happy to say that both of my hanging sweet 100's have fruited! I feel pretty happy about this successful little experiment.

Sunday's Dinner was salt and peppered steaks (a London Broil and a Delmonico from Balance Rock Farm) with collard greens cooked in bacon. I chopped up 2 slices of bacon and started them in the aluminum tray. After 5 minutes I added the chopped collard stems and cooked a couple more minutes. When I threw the steaks on the grill, I added the chopped collard leaves and stirred them in the bacon fat as the steaks seared on each side. The steaks took about 16 minutes (for medium-rare/medium... they were thick) and I kept the collard leaves on a total of 20 minutes. To go along with our meal, Sue made margaritas. These were not local at all, but were pretty darn good.

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