Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Local Food Field Trip: Balance Rock Farm

Today, Calvin and I visited Balance Rock Farm in Berlin. Sue asked me yesterday about the place, and since I hadn't been there yet, I made a special trip. It is a cool little shop that sells local beef, pork, veal, chickens, eggs, cheese, milk, ice cream and such. I talked to Linda at the farm who said that they raise the meat on site and have it butchered at the Blood Farm in Groton (I asked since I recognized how their meat was wrapped). I bought a couple of pounds of steak, a couple of pounds of ground beef, a package of burgers, bacon, eggs, some local ice cream and a half gallon of milk. This shop is a much more convenient place to buy local meat than blood farm in my normal commute home from work. It was a very exciting find.

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