Saturday, May 9, 2009

Big Day in the Garden

Today I planted a lot of stuff in the garden. I transplanted 15 tomato plants (3 each of Roma's, Sweet 100's, Red Lightnings, 4th of July's, and Big Boys), 4 Zucchini, and 4 Butternut Squash. I also planted 3 hills of pickling cucumbers and thinned my first planting of carrots and beets. The garden is now packed with stuff, I just hope that I am not planting too many things too early.

According to my Better Homes and Gardens New Complete Guide to Gardening, I should be OK for all of these plants, but I am on the early side for the squash and cucumbers. Honestly, I expect everything to do just fine, with the possible exception of the Roma's. I got the seeds late so they are much smaller than the other tomato varieties. I have back-ups for everything (except the red lightning, so if the weather takes a turn for the worse, we'll be fine.

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