Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

I spent time in the garden yesterday morning replacing plants that were not making it. In the tomato section of the garden I replaced 3 Roma's, 3 Sweet 100s, 1 4th of July, and 2 Red Lightnings (one of which was replaced with a 4th of July since I only started with 4 seedlings of that type). I planted a new row of lettuce, and replanted where I had initially put beets and nantes carrots. The "little fingers" (3" carrot variety) look like there are still s few seedlings there so I left them alone. The last area I replaced was the squash. I replaced 3 of the 4 Butternut squash and 2 of the 4 zucchini. The difference in the 2 groups of zucchini is amazing:

On the left is one of the healthier zucchini that I put in on May 9th that I didn't feel needed replacing yesterday. On the right is one of the zucchini I kept growing indoors until this week. I still have a small group of zucchini in the cold-frame so I may end up replacing the smaller zucchini if they don't start looking better. The lesson I learned from this year's plantings is that I can grow some very large healthy seedlings until Memorial Day. Putting out the Tomatoes and Squash early was a mistake this year.

In garden experiment news, I have begun a bit of a hanging Tomato experiment. Back in April, I read about a homemade version of the hanging planters at The Cheap Vegetable Gardener so I decided to try it out. I am trying to grow Roma's and Sweet 100's in 2-liter soda bottles:

and in 1 gallon milk bottles:

(I am not sure if there is actually enough soil in the soda bottles to get adequate fruit).

In the next few weeks I need to: come up with a container for my herbs and set up my deck herb garden, transfer peppers and celeriac to the garden (both of which are too small to transfer at this point), and do a whole lot of weeding, which I have been fairly lax about so far this year.

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