Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Local Food Field Trip: Farmer's Market

Today I made my first visit to our town's Tuesday Evening Farmer's Market (apparently it started last week). Even in the summer, it is a small market with only a few vendors, but in mid-May, it is very tiny. I might be forgetting one or two, but there were only about 8 vendors. There was one selling seedlings and flowers, two dairies (one goat, one cow's milk), two bakery's (one bread, the other cookies, brownies plus jams), a coffee roaster, a guy selling fancy planters, and a person who sells natural soaps and other such stuff (I think of Fight Club every time I see this booth). I was hopeful that there might be some salad green, asparagus, or even some ramps available, but no luck. I did buy a small tub of Blueberry Chevre, but honestly the pickings were pretty slim.

I'll check back in a few weeks and hopefully some vegetable farms will join in. I would be happy to by some local vegetables before our garden starts yielding food and the CSA starts.

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