Thursday, May 21, 2009

Heatwave and Temptation

We have gone from a frost advisory to temps in the 90's in just a few short days. Many of my plants are struggling in the sweltering heat, but I am hopeful that I will have squash and tomatoes that are hardened up to replace what I lost earlier in the week. Upon further reflection, I am curious if it was the plant covering or the fish emulsion spray that hurt my weaker plants. Two variables in a short window has me wondering which one caused the damage. I also tore out the dead row of lettuce so I will also plant a replacement row of salad greens this weekend.

With the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend I realized that I did not have enough burgers in the freezer to have an adequate holiday cookout. My solution, go back to Blood Farm! Of course, when I was there, the duck eggs were taunting me. For only $2, how could I pass up such an opportunity to sample these local curiosity? (They come from Golden Egg Farm in Hartwick). I couldn't resist the temptation.

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