Saturday, June 13, 2009

Carrots, Celeriac, and Slugs

Today has been a beautiful warm day. I spent a while in the garden weeding, hilling up the potatoes and transferring my final seedlings of the spring. I also checked up on the carrots that I planted back in mid-April. They are supposed to be ready at 60 days, which arrives next week. One of the carrots looks very strong, three others have survived but appear to be at least a week behind. I am eager to see how these look when the are pulled from the soil and to compare them to the future plantings that should be ready in a month.

I finally decided to transfer the celeriac to the garden. These are at least 75 days from harvest and still quite small, but they have outgrown their planter. Hopefully they make it!

The white pellets around the celeriac are slug repellent. The very wet week caused an explosion of slugs in the garden. I poured them another beer, but that does not seem to be enough. I used this "natural" slug repellent today (Espoma brand) and I plan on adding diatomaceous earth later this week. If I don't stop these little suckers I won't have many plants to harvest (they have killed all of my cucumbers and eaten several squash leaves). I replanted my hills of cucumbers but I hope this is not too late. If the weather turns hot, I may have missed my cucumber planting window.

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