Thursday, June 11, 2009

First Tomato Flowers, Climbing Beans and the Baby Bunny

The last few days have been cooler and filled with occasional light rain. I have done some light weeding, but otherwise not much has been going on in the garden. Today, I was pleasantly surprised by a new development: tomato flowers! On 2 of the 4th of July plants (which may be more like the 24th of July if we are lucky), there were a few flowers.

These join the pea flowers that emerged last weekend and the zucchini blossoms that are currently out in the garden. It is not much, but it is a nice early sign of the fruit to come.

I also have an update on the continued saga of the bean brace. I am happy to report that my last attempt has held up nicely and the beans are climbing. I have not grown this type of bean in the past, but it looks like they are growing well now that I have figured out their support system.

In news (hopefully) unrelated to the garden, we have a new creature in our yard: a baby bunny (see if you can spot it in the picture below).

It is very small and appears to live mostly under the step below our side door. It is very cute, but if I find it in the garden I will probably change my opinion.

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