Saturday, June 6, 2009

Finally an Appropriate Use for Cherry Wheat Beer

I am sure this happens to everyone, but after hosting a few parties and card games I end up with a hodgepodge of different beers in my basement fridge. Most of the beers are pretty good and are eventually enjoyed, but there are always one or two rogue beer-like beverages that take up space without any hope of being consumed. If I cannot come up with a way of cooking with these beers, I eventually end up pouring them down the drain. Fortunately, today I came up with a way to prevent a rogue bottle of Sam Adam's Cherry Wheat from going to waste!

I went out to the garden to cut some greens for a lunch salad (I added the last of the Crystal Brook Farm Goat Cheese, some black beans, a handful of sunflower seed, and some Penzy's salad dressing) and found a couple of slugs and damage to some of the squash leaves. I sunk a couple of small plastic cups into the ground, filled them halfway with beer, and then poured beer around the edges. If the slug problem persists I will try some of the other methods mentioned in my Rodale's Encyclopedia and I will also confirm that Cherry Wheat is not fit for any animal consumption, even slimy little mollusks.

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