Monday, August 10, 2009

Local Food Field Trip: Meadowbrook Orchards

Today, I ended up taking the boys on an unplanned field trip to Meadowbrook Orchards in Sterling. We left the house heading to Berries & Bloom, but it turns out they are closed until Friday to allow for "Ripening" (according to their sign out front). Needing some fresh fruit and really not wanting to take the boys right back home, I pulled out my phone, went to the web-site and looked for another possibility. Out of all of the possible places listed, I decided to try Meadowbrook Orchards.

The place is a pretty huge orchard with lots and lots of apple trees. They have several rows of blueberries and raspberries which were about a quarter-mile walk from the farm stand through the orchard. The farm stand also sells baked goods, jams, sandwiches, and lots of other food, I just did not spend much time in there with the boys... but the placed smelled very good. For picking, the blueberry price was not quite as good as B & B ($3.20/lb), but it was not an outrageous price and they also had raspberries for $4.50/lb and nectarines to pick for $.99/lb.

We picked 3 lbs of blueberries, 1/2 a pound of raspberries and 4 small nectarines (1/2 a pound) spending about $12. Not a bad trip if you also consider the hour of entertainment we got picking and wandering around the lovely orchard.

The one thing that I can definitely say is that the place is beautiful and we had a lovely day for picking. We will have to go back as a family in a few weeks once it is apple picking season!

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