Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Preserving Blueberries

I froze a quart of blueberries (one and a half pounds worth) that we picked yesterday. I filled a quart sized zip-lock bag with blueberries (to make sure I was freezing the right amount), then took them out, washed them and then spread them over wax paper on a cookie sheet:

I stored these in the freezer for a couple of hours and then poured them back into the zip-lock bag:

Now we will have some berries for oatmeal and yogurt in the middle of the winter!

Interestingly, when I brought the boys blueberry picking yesterday at Berries and Bloom, the owners asked me if I was the person who had posted something about their place on-line. Apparently, they got some business because of a visitor to this blog (based on a google search according to the visitor). I am definitely happy that I was able to drive them a little business and that I was able to help some random people find a nice place to get local food!

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